Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the interpretation manner where each party takes turns to deliver a message, allowing both parties the opportunity to clarify ambiguities, confusion, or unclear dialogue. ​

For example, in medical interpreting, consecutive interpreting begins after the source language speaker has ended a sentence or short phrase. Once the source language speaker delivers a message, the speaker will pause to allow the interpreter to deliver the message, as precisely it was delivered, into the target language. The Limited English Proficient (LEP) individual may ask questions directed back to the source language speaker, or the source language speaker will continue to progress in their message delivery, until there are questions.

Professional interpreters at Viet Translation develop a keen sense of attention to detail in listening skills and memory, while retaining an entire dialogue. When necessary, the interpreter will take notes to ensure the most accurate and fluid communication.

Consecutive Interpretation

With consecutive interpretation, the interpreter will position himself/herself in between and to the side of the target and source language speakers, for the most effective interpretation.

This mode of interpretation is generally the most cost effective and is most commonly used for short appointments, business meetings or negotiations, medical environments, etc.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is the interpretation manner where interpreter begins interpreting immediately after the first party begins to speak; interpreting the message simultaneously into the target language. Unlike consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting takes place in real time, where the linguists transmit the interpretations to the listeners while the original speech continues uninterrupted.

Simultaneous interpretation from a cabin

Simultaneous interpreting – also known as cabin interpreting – is often used at international seminars and conferences, where interpreters are arranged to sit in a separate cabin (small private room), wear a headset to listen to speakers and directly translate via microphone towards audiences sitting in the conference room. To provide simultaneous interpretation, interpreters must have a high level of language proficiency in both listening and speaking, in order to fluently translate and accurately convey the entire meaning to listeners, in real time.

Accompanied Interpreting

In accompanied interpreting service, our interpreter accompanies a single or a group of clients in one day or more, and translates in different and suitable contexts/situations in order to avoid troubles and help bring comfort to clients. Accompanied interpreting has become popular with the fast growth of trade and tourism business in Vietnam.

Interpreting in a trade fair in Hanoi, Vietnam

Interpreting in a trade fair in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Interpreter is a basic requirement for every industrial zone, factory, construction site or project with foreign investment, or cooperation with overseas partners. High-quality interpreting service, which ensures things run satisfactorily and smoothly during the course of a project, not only brings economic benefits but also comforts to clients.

Interpreter accompanies foreign engineers in a construction site

Interpreter accompanies foreign engineers in a construction site.